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I’m so happy to welcome you to my little corner of the internet! My why and purpose in life begins with my mission:
To guide those who choose to live in the most positive and productive way, to find success in all areas of their lives, by giving them all the tools they’ll ever need to empower and help them to understand, act on, and reach their true potential; so, they can live life by choice, not by chance

Lynnie Wennerstrom
My mission shifted greatly over the past year because I learned the how-to of something I had known about for years, which I knew was critical to my success as a human – and that’s that our self-talk, whether positive or negative, determines our success, or our failure, in life.

This is a critical key for every single human being who truly desires success in all areas of their life, and doesn’t yet have that.

Our negative self-talk is the only thing that limits us as a human being. And for most of us, that’s over 70% of programs in our subconscious, that we don’t even know about!

Until earlier this year, I was all about sharing and teaching the wealth of powerful and empowering tools I’ve learned through my own spiritual journey over the years. That’s because I’ve had amazing success with them – especially in the most difficult of times.

My fantabulous success partially came because I knew that in the spiritual realm, what you focus on with intention and energy will manifest in the material world. This is why I knew to focus on what I wanted in my life, instead of what I didn’t. This helped me to create positive experiences that benefited me immensely.

The reason is because the universe is impartial and doesn’t judge, it just gives you what you order or “ask” for, whether you’re consciously doing so or not and whether you’re asking for something “positive” or “negative”. In my human experience, I did my absolute best to focus on the positive. As successful as I felt with my tools, and even though I “knew” intellectually that we are unlimited, I still had unanswered questions and doubts.

There was a disconnect between my “knowing” I was unlimited in my head, yet struggling with limitations showing up in my human life. I really wanted to figure this out, because we are both the soul and the human at the same time, so I felt compelled to find the answer.

I knew to focus on what I wanted, instead of what I didn’t, and again, while I felt successful overall, that niggle of doubt would creep in. What was I missing between my vision of what I truly wanted, and what was actually happening in my life in this 3D world?

TA DAA! Connecting the dots

And then, SHAZAM! The dots got connected when Shad Helmstetter’s book, What to Say When You Talk To Yourself fell out of my bookcase into my hands with a strong message – READ ME! I read it many years ago, but this time, I couldn’t put it down! Following that, I read another of his books, The Power of Neuroplasticity.


While I’ve studied neuroplasticity for years, this was the HOW that I had wondered about for years! The how-to of reprogramming the brain! And here’s the kicker – our brain does the same thing as the universe – it always says yes. Yes to whatever the strongest programs we have running – helpful or harmful. And when we learn how to work with our magical, powerful brains, we can create the life of our dreams and live to our greatest potential – which btw, is totally unlimited!

Woooohooooness come alive!!

Certifications for Success

Armed with all this knowledge, I went even further and got certified as a Certified Self-Talk Trainer (CST) and a LCI Certified Life Coach, so I could really understand it and teach anyone who wanted what I did – to live in the most positive and productive way, to find success in all areas of my life, to reach my true potential and to live life by choice, not by chance – how to attain that goal.

You may recognize that last part, it’s my mission!

And that’s why my Practical Spirituality teachings are so unique. They are my own winning combination of easy, practical, useful, yet super powerful tools from both the spiritual and physical realms, to help you achieve what it is that you truly want. Empowering tools for the spiritual journey, along with a scientifically proven and infallible way to reprogram your brain for the human experience!

Because we are both the soul/spirit and the human. We are a soul with a body, not a body with a soul. We are Soul Powered!

Lynnie Wennerstrom by the coast

Back to the human part of us, we now know through neuroscience, that it’s negative programming, which is given to us from the time we were born as perfect little infants, that creates our thinking thoughts like we’re not enough, and which blocks and sabotages us, even if we really want something. It also tells us what we cannot be or do or become – those negative programs tell us that we’re limited.

But here’s the science – Neuroplasticity is the science that your brain is always rewiring itself (creating new neural pathways) with any input it receives. It’s the most fantastic computer there ever was and will ever be! And here’s the juicy part about all this – you were born with unlimited potential. And that unlimited potential is still there! It’s simply covered up with layers and layers of negative programming, which you can change by reprogramming to the positive programs you choose!
This is where positive self-talk comes in taking center stage in our human experience. I’m going to guide you on the how-to of reprogramming your brain, just as I continue to do with mine. And it takes mere WEEKS to start really shifting, not years! And like learning a foreign language, you simply listen passively while you’re doing other things. Because it IS a language.

Learning the language of positive self-talk isn’t difficult, nor is it time consuming. It’s also not therapy. It’s neuroscience and it’s been proven to work over and over again. Over the decades, EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON whom has learned the language of positive self-talk, has successfully reprogrammed their brain for success, and eliminated their “failure” programs.

A Winning Combination Explained

You’ll finally begin to understand the power of true “unlimitedness”, which will enhance and help you in your spiritual journey as well. I could have chosen to just share one or the other – the spiritual journey or the human experience – yet I choose both because they totally complement and enhance each other in such a beautiful and seamless way. And I’ve come to realize that the spiritual is what explains concepts such as “Why do bad things happen to good people”, whereas neuroplasticity falls short in that area.

Yet positive self-talk elevates our self-esteem, helps us create helpful habits that serve us, and ridding us of habits we don’t want and which don’t serve us, and it helps us to begin to understand, act on, and reach our true potential on this physical plane very quickly. Whereas, coming at all the above from a spiritual direction, can take many of us – a very long time.

With the addition of the self-talk tool to my spiritual guidance, you’ll be able to move much more quickly from feelings of struggle and lack, into feelings of self-control, peace, happiness, and abundance – no matter what’s happening in your life. And the fun and super cool part of the human experience part, you’ll notice the difference in yourself in weeks, not years. Which can also help accelerate your spiritual journey!

Turn dreams into reality

If you also choose to join me on Sundays for my free supercharged goal setting hour, I’ll be able to help you begin to achieve the goals of your dreams, and turn them into reality! That’s what I’m doing for myself now, with my own LCI Certified life coach I’ve hired, by my side… and it works!

My dream, my mission, and one of my highest and most important goals, is to help as many people as possible to connect these dots for themselves and live up to their true potential, the potential you were born to attain, from day one!

A little more about me:

  • LCI Certified life coach (Life Coach Institute)
  • Certified Self-Talk Trainer (Self-Talk Institute)
  • Certified Level 1 Essentrics Teacher
  • Certified Akashic Records Advanced Practitioner
  • Common Sense Health Expert
  • Unconventional Health Coach
  • Researcher
  • Author – 7 Simple Steps To A Crazy Awesome Healthy You!
Certified Self-Talk Trainer (Self-Talk Institute)
LCI Certified life coach (Life Coach Institute)
Lynnie Wennerstrom enjoying a beautiful sunset
Creating a more positive world

Now, let’s get back to you, and to what we can accomplish together with all this fantabulous news. I hope you join me on this journey to understanding who and what we really are as soul, and on the physical or material realm, reaching our true potential, together. The more of us who do so, the happier and more positive a world we’ll create for ourselves, for our loved ones, and for all those we touch as we walk our individual path of sunlight and promise.

Shining my light to brighten yours,

Live life by choice, not by chance

My Mission

To guide those who choose to live in the most positive and productive way, to find success in all areas of their lives, by giving them all the tools they’ll ever need to empower and help them to understand, act on, and reach their true potential; so, they can live life by choice, not by chance

Live life by choice, not by chance

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