The Soul Powered Membership

A membership that supports you, the person who chooses to live in the most positive and productive way, to find success in all areas of your life. You’ll be given all the tools you’ll ever need to empower and help you to understand, act on, and reach your true potential; so, you can live life by choice, not by chance.

Take a fun peek into your future!

  • You feel connected to something bigger than yourself, with a strong connection to your higher self
  • You feel like a rock star because, maybe for the first time, you have a system for setting and achieving goals that actually works
  • You’re creating your own reality, living life by choice, not by chance
  • Your self-esteem is sky rocketing! You feel confident and like you’re taking control of your life

In the Soul Powered Membership, you’ll find the guidance, support, and community you need to achieve all of this and more!

Here’s what you get when you join the Soul Powered Membership:

  • New content every quarter: inspiring and practical workshops every month focused on a quarterly theme that will help you level-up your self-talk and spirituality.
  • Hands on guidance: Monthly opportunities to get live coaching and support from Lynnie. All sessions are included in your monthly membership – no extra charges or fees.
  • Community: An invitation to the exclusive Lynnie Motivates Facebook group to connect with magical like-minded people who are on the same journey as you.
Be inspired by the Soul Powered Membership

Soul Powered Membership


Monthly exclusive uplifting meditation

Monthly exclusive uplifting meditation to guide you and remind you of your unlimited power! This will be available to members for download and lifetime access so you can always feel guided, supported, and empowered no matter where you are!

Monthly office hours with Lynnie

Open office hours once a month with direct access to Lynnie! You’ll have the chance to submit your questions or challenges to Lynnie so she can guide you in applying your own practical spirituality to move forward

Soul Powered Facebook group

Exclusive access to the Soul Powered Facebook group to connect with other souls who are empowering themselves just like you! The community includes regular Q&As, polls, and tips from Lynnie so you can connect on shared blocks, wins, and breakthroughs!

Excel with the Success Library

As an active subscriber, you get unlimited access to all previous lessons and office hours to excel in all areas of your life

Monthly lesson and Q&A

Monthly lesson and Q&A with Lynnie on a practical spirituality tool that will help you find ease and harmony in your daily life
Looking for even more inspiration? Get a daily blessing and boost of inspiration from Lynnie through a private Voxer group chat for an additional $4.99/week.

You’ll receive a welcome email from Lynnie with information about how to join the Facebook group, Voxer Chat (if upgraded) and access the membership portal upon payment!

*Membership will be billed monthly

Live life by choice, not by chance

My Mission

To guide those who choose to live in the most positive and productive way, to find success in all areas of their lives, by giving them all the tools they’ll ever need to empower and help them to understand, act on, and reach their true potential; so, they can live life by choice, not by chance

Live life by choice, not by chance