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If you think spirituality means meditating for hours on end or reaching enlightenment on a mountain top, get ready for a different kind of adventure. Lynnie’s fun & practical teachings combine the spiritual with the real-life human experience. She helps you write the script for the story of your own future, showing you how to live life by choice, not by chance with simple and easy tools you can put into action today! No yoga mats, crystals, or mountain tops required 😉

Breaking Through Mental Blocks

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3 Keys to success for lasting breakthroughs of mental blocks to help you live by choice, not by chance

Breaking Through Mental Blocks

Practical Spirituality

Practical Spirituality is Lynnie’s winning combination of easy, practical, useful, yet super powerful tools from both the spiritual and physical realms, to help you to achieve what it is that you truly want. Move from feelings of struggle and lack, into feelings of self-control, peace, happiness, and abundance, no matter what’s happening in your life.

Learn who & what you really are. Practical spirituality will empower you with all the tools you’ll ever need to understand, act on and reach your true potential

Easily create winning success habits in weeks, not years, with an easy-to-use tool. Science confirms humans have unlimited success potential when they rewire their brain

Move beyond chance or luck and reach the achievement you were born to attain using the internal motivator instead of external motivation, which fizzles quickly

Belief in self has become rare – self-doubt reigns. Move past feeling unworthy, insecure, and lost in life by finding your unique purpose and why you really are special!

Break free of limiting beliefs in ’23
Discover more of your unlimited potential and do more of what you love in ’24
Thrive in ALL areas of your life in ’25

Soul Powered Membership

Tap into your limitlessness

Erase and replace self-sabotaging programs and transmute the hidden 77% of negative thoughts into positive self-talk and seemingly miraculous changes! Learn tools that help you plug into the spiritual and 3D realms for an everlasting, infinite charge, whenever you need it.

Break Free Book Club & Goal Setting Sunday

Meet with Lynnie monthly for the Break Free (from limiting beliefs) Book Club and enjoy empowering books to uplift and encourage you. Sundays are a great day to start your week!

Let Lynnie guide you to creating the future you want in ’24 with an easy yet super powerful tool to help you set and achieve your goals.

Inspiration 365 App

Inspiration 365 App

Be inspired and change your life one day at a time with the Inspiration 365 App. Find short meditations, inspiring quotes, shop for merch that inspires you, and listen to Lynnie’s Wild & Free Healthy You! podcast – download her free app today and supercharge your day!

Inspiration 365 App


To guide those who choose to live in the most positive and productive way, to find success in all areas of their lives, by giving them all the tools they’ll ever need to empower and help them to understand, act on, and reach their true potential; so, they can live life by choice, not by chance

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