Hello you amaaazing beautimus peeperoo!!

This is almost like my Christmas letter, but better as I come bearing gifts!! Thats coming in a bit!!


The saga, the journey begins

After two plus years of building, in the midst of Covid with supply issues and, and, and… we finally moved to our new mountain home June 29th. Just look at these pics!! I feel so inspired here, and so blessed!

Lynnette (our daughter), and her family moved into our home we vacated, on July 3rd. It was a super busy time for the Wennerstrom family!

Anyway, Ive been working behind the scenes, mostly on myself, as life offered me maaaany opportunities to catch interesting curveballs since this time last year! Haha!

It’s been the most amazing adventure with seemingly unlimited opportunities to apply all the spiritual tools Ive learned. Much of what Ive learned is from the book, The Master Key System by Charles H. Haanel, which Ive read and studied for many years – its sooo powerful!


The saga continues

Yet, even while I was doing really well – all Master Key System-ed up and all, and totally armed with powerful tools to support me in my spiritual journey – it wasnt until a book Ive had, probably since the mid-80s, literally dropped into my hands while organizing my bookcase, that I got the most powerful tool of all. Not for the spiritual part of us thats whole and perfect, but for me, Lynnie, as a human being.

The books name is, What To Say When You Talk To Yourself, by Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D. If youve read it, you know where Im going! I started reading it… and I couldnt stop. And even though I wondered for a bit why I hadnt put it into practice all those years ago, I understood clearly that this was the answer to the question I had been searching for, for a very long time which is; As a soul, I know intellectually that Im unlimited, so why do I still feel limited in some areas of my life?

Id been asking that question of myself for years, knowing that something called neuroplasticity was the key, but how? I really wanted to help the human part of me, Lynnie the human being earthling on Planet Earth, not feel limited in any area of my life. I knew exactly how to deal with very difficult and even traumatic situations from a strong spiritual standpoint, but what of all the negative self-talk rolling around my head? It wasnt always pretty, nor were the habits that werent serving me. Haha!


The saga is real!

Ive studied neuroscience for years, but it was another of Shad Helmstetters books, The Power of Neuroplasticity, that had me at Neuroplasticity”! I also got it on Audible since I was still making a 2.5-hour trek between homes, helping Lynnette get settled and then returning to our mountain home to keep the construction of the little things” happening (e.g., counters, cabinets, pantry, erosion, etc.). I listened to it over and over, understanding the powerful solution to my negative self-talk, and still feeling limited as a human.

The answer was neuroplasticity! Which basically means that the brain is plastic, or malleable, and is always changing! No matter our age, or whats happening in our lives. And with repetition and the right programming, which I found, we can rewire it with the programs we want!

This was the solution for resolving the human part that holds us back from achieving our dreams, the blocks and feelings of lack and fear, rather than believing in self, and the how-to, from a human standpoint, of actually knowing that we are unlimited, and not just knowing this intellectually. And it works! Its been proven scientifically through brain scans and its used by professionals to help their clients as well as therapists and doctors around the world who do the same. Self-talk breakthroughs and individual success stories are daily occurrences. It helps to resolve the blocks that have been stopping us from achieving what we want in our lives – in weeks, not years! So we can create success in every single area of our lives, if we want to, no matter what!


The saga seems like its ends, just for today, with gifts!

OK!!! Here I go! Im jumping off my soapbox with my arms and legs flying all over in the air because… Im still just as excited today about all of this – no, Im even more so now – since Ive applied it with amazing success, as I was when I first understood the power of this, months ago!

This is exactly why I decided to get certified from the prestigious Self-Talk Institute (founded in 1985). Not so mucho because I wanted to coach, but so I could really understand it and use it in all my teachings! I teach Practical Spirituality, my own unique and winning combination of joining the spiritual journey, with the human experience.

Why? Because I want the peeperoos who choose to live a positive and productive life, and want to find success in all areas of their lives, to have all the tools theyll ever need to understand, act on, and reach their true potential, the potential they were born with – before they got programmed with programs that dont serve them. I want to watch them experience the success Im experiencing.

For me, the mental program I had that created a huge block to my success for many years, which was a belief that I couldnt achieve my goals as well as other people, has been replaced by new mental programming which tells me that I can, and Im achieving my goals left and right!


The saga ends, just for today, with gifts!

In fact, and in closing this love note to you, Ill show you a goal Ive achieved, and I think youre going to love it!

I really wanted to share all of this with you, yet I didnt know how. It was soooooo mucho information and I felt overwhelmed by trying to synthesize it all into a mini-course alongside my spiritual teachings. But… drumroll please…

I did it!!

Here is my proof – My free Soul Powered Mini-Course!

Sign up today, as I promise you, its life changing. Youll really understand my excitement once you finish it. And unlike this email, each module is only minutes long!!

Im also starting a combination book club, Break Free (of limiting beliefs) Book Club, and a Goal Setting Sundays. When I learned that goal-setting was a skill, which meant anyone could learn the skill, I soared with this easy way of setting and achieving my goals! I really thought I was just super awful at setting goals and achieving them, and I have all the planners and courses to show that I really wanted to change, but it was my programs stopping me. And those programs are G O N E ! Erase and replaced with the programs that help me to win at setting and achieving goals!

So look for that announcement coming soon.

Here’s my overarching goal for us all:

Break free of limiting beliefs in ’23 (details on the how-to coming this month!)

Discover more of your unlimited potential and do more of what you love in ’24

Thrive in ALL areas of your life in ’25

And thats the story for today!!

Sooooo mucho love!!

And dont forget to sign up for the free mini-course! Get ready for a sock blowing off event!