Welcome Beautiful Soul!
Are you a spiritual person?

Whether your answer is yes, no or somewhere in between, have you ever asked the question – What does it even mean to “be a spiritual person”?

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I’ve come to a profound and incredibly empowering truth in my seeking of that answer
I’m a spirit with a body…
not a body with a spirit
And so are you!

Which means we don’t need to seek spirituality because we already ARE spirit, so we are limitless in our ability to create the life we truly desire, when we tap into that infinite source of who we really are!

I’ve learned that the spiritual realm is powerful beyond our imaginations, yet amazingly practical. Super practical! And this I learned not through books, but through the actual creating of the life I desire, by working in harmony with universal laws, understanding fundamental pillars and using tools that guide me in this process – it’s life transforming.

Here’s another profound truth for you – it’s the invisible which creates… the visible!

These fundamentals I’ve learned, along with the practical tools I continue to use daily, are what you’ll find inside this site which is dedicated to assisting the spirituality seeker, the spiritually curious, the bold and courageous who understand that we are one, yet who still feel locked in duality, and for those who feel they have tried everything from books, videos and working with shamans, to retreats and meditating, yet still feel they are unable to feel connected to our Source. Let’s get you connected!

Here’s another profound truth for you – it’s the invisible which creates… the visible!
Here you’ll find that the reason that the law of attraction hasn’t “worked” for most, is simply because we were missing a major piece of the puzzle! Once you get it, you’ll understand immediately, and you’ll be able to begin to put it into practice for yourself! It’s not woo woo, it’s practical! More importantly, you’ll discover that these practical tools will uplift you and inspire you to keep going forward! It is so darn liberating!!

You beautiful peeperoo!! You’re going to be astounded and delighted with what you learn here, because it’s practical. Doesn’t mean it’s easy, because the journey of exploration and expansion to create our experiences is why we’re here! We are creators co-creating with the Divine! Yet, the practicality of it all is just so darn simple. Simple and practical!

If you so choose, Practical Spirituality, as I have learned and share, is your key to all abundance – in your health, finances, your relationships, in your career or business, and to getting back to your true nature of feeling good, feeling peace and happiness.

What we’ve been taught or led to believe about our universe, and how it works, is stunningly lacking in what it truly is.

Are you curious? Are you ready?

I invite you to join me on this glorious, delightful, fun and even humorous magical adventure, an amazingly empowering, rewarding and fulfilling way to create your life as you desire, confident in your own power of who and what you really are!